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The following 2010 Graduation Poem Gifts will be personalized with your graduate's name and photo and the school, you can include an optional personalized sentiment  message on your graduation keepsake.

Commemorate a graduation with this personalized graduation Poetry Gift. Personalize with graduate's name, school name, date of graduation, and optional personal message and photo .

Product 11


(Webbcity High School)

Graduation is a time to...
Celebrate your achievements
Prepare for a future of opportunities and
Embrace a world of infinite possibilities.
May you realize
each and every one of your dreams

Closing Example:
Dad & Dez



When I started Kindergarten,

I couldn't have felt smaller;

But I've been growing, growing,

And not just growing taller.

I've learned to read

and learned to write,

And learned my numbers too;

And there are many other things

That I have learned to do.

Kindergarten's over now,

But I am not afraid.

Because I know I'm ready

To enter the first grade!


A Phrase Above Name
Closing(as seen after poem)
Graduates Name Date of Graduation Name of School City State
Background Item Number Add Your Here Special Message:

Enter information for your personalized gift below.... here are some sample answers...

1. A Phrase Above Name: Examples: Congratulations Graduate - On Your Graduation Day - etc., or leave blank

3. Closing: Examples: Love - We're so proud of you - With Love - etc.