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Are you looking for the perfect gift
for yourself, family or friends?

Perhaps you are celebrating a memorable ceremony,
 season or accomplishment and would like to preserve
those treasured memories.

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Birthday History Keepsakes
Covering All Birthdays from

January 1st, 1880 - Present (2009)!

Our Personalized Birthday Gifts are beautiful color prints which provide you a wonderful and unique memento of your child's and loved one's birth or anniversary day. They are personalized with your name, birth information or anniversary/wedding information and include lots of fun facts that happened on the day you were born including:

 Current top news headlines of the day
Birthday News Keepsakes Famous birthdays
The Day You Were Born Historical events on that day
Top Entertainment From The Day You Were Born Top songs & Entertainment
Personalized Birthday Gifts Movies...  and much more!

Your personalized birthday gift can printed for any 'milestone' age! (Sweet 16, 21st Birthday or Any Important Date!)


"Name-Poems" are wonderful poems or “name-stories” that are based on the letters in someone's first name.
You can choose from a wide variety of beautiful art-backgrounds and we can create one for any name. They
make great gifts for children or adults and we can add your special message to personalize it even more.

N is for Name Personalized Prints

Each print creates a name poem certificate using the letters of any name:

  • L is for laughter.
  • O is for orderly.
  • V is for vision.
  • E is for enrich.
  • dualfirstnameoriginprints.jpg

    We will create you a beautiful, personalized First Name Meaning Keepsake using a database of over 1 Million first names, variations, meanings and origins! A brief profile of positive personality traits follows with the emotional spectrum, personality traits, relationships, career & money, and life's opportunities. The names and meanings are printed in calligraphy on various art backgrounds to produce a beautifully designed,

    Each print displays the following:


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