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Fake Funny Diplomas

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If you’ve ever wanted to impress people with a fancy diploma hanging on your wall,
here is your golden opportunity. Our “Funny-Fake-Diplomas” from “Whatever University” you choose
 are the answers to your dreams!
We’ll insert your name (or any name because these make great gifts) on the diploma
of your choice, and send it to you by e-mail (unframed of course) for only $4.95.
Print it yourself on white paper or on a parchment-type of paper (available from
Office Depot for 5 cents a sheet) and it will look great! We send them as PDF
attachments and you can print as many copies as your want.
To really make it look “official”, put it into a $1.00 frame from “Dollar-General”
(or a handsome wooden frame from Wal-Mart for $3.95 and it will impress any visitor
to your home or office. Now where else can you get a $200,000 education for only $8.00

Item D394



What is the full name you want inscribed on your diploma.:
E-Mail Address:
Which "degree" is the diploma for? (Dating,Fishing,Best Friend,}
What Names should we add to the gift: {friends,wife,kids}